Notable Transactions and Representative Cases


Capital increase with pre-emptive rights (“PUT”) of a public forestry company (“Forest Co”) in conjunction with acquisition of a cacao processing company (“Cacao Co”).

Regulation of Financial Services Authority No.32/POJK.04/2015 on Capital Increase of Public Companies with Pre-emptive Rights permits paying up capital for shares issued during PUT in a form other than money. In accordance to that, shares of Cacao Co were used as deposit for the Forest Co’s shares issued during PUT.

Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) of a Coal Trading Company

Acting as independent legal consultants in IPO process of a coal trading company with the largest number of contracts from the State Electricity Company (PT PLN).

IPO of a Leading Hotel Management and Property Company

Acting as independent legal consultants in IPO process of a leading hotel management and property company with hotels in 16 Indonesian cities.

Represent a Major Garment Company in Civil Claim Against one of its Supplier

Represent a major garment company in civil suits against one of its supplier for breach of contract. We won the civil suits in District Court, High Court, and subsequently the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court awarded the garment company substantial amount of damages compensation.

Represent Creditors in Postponement of Debt Obligation (“PKPU”) and Bankruptcy Proceedings

Represent several companies as creditors in PKPU proceeding of fabric manufacturers companies (“Debtors”). The PKPU subsequently turned into bankruptcy proceedings after Debtors’ Board of Directors failed to propose Composition Plan.