We have provided assistance to our financial institution clients involved in all aspects of banking and lending law including servicing our clients for the purpose of establishment of financial institutions (banks, finance companies, insurance companies), and represent clients in a wide range of secured and unsecured credits; syndications; and letter of credit transactions, such as:

  • Preparing the establishment of financial institutions and reviewing compliance programs (bank, finance companies, insurance companies), mergers, joint ventures, acquisition of financial companies;
  • Preparing, drafting, reviewing loan documentation, syndicated, offshore/ onshore, terms and conditions for deposit accounts, term deposits, checks and credit and debit cards, payment services such as periodical payments, and other forms;
  • Negotiating secured or non - secured loan transactions;
  • Advising the legal aspects of new banking products;
  • Preparing any type of security documentation (mortgage, pledge, and any other liens or encumbrances);
  • Issuing legal opinion on offshore loans, either as legal counsel of borrower or lender and counseling domestic and foreign banks on a variety of issues concerning limitations on bank powers, branching and agency matters, stamp duty and taxation, consumer protection and offer investment advisory services.

Following the transactions mentioned above are included:

  • Initial Public Offerings of local bank;
  • Legal drafting, legal reviewing and advising on any banking products for local and international bank;
  • Providing legal advice of new products for an international banking corporation;
  • Right issue of local banks and financial institutions;
  • Issuing legal opinion for a wide variety of matters.